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The consortium company

CONAPI is a consortium company formed by nine recovery companies located throughout Italy.

It was founded in 2002 with the aim of networking small and medium-sized companies, in order to make them more competitive in the market, and to guarantee customers a coordinated and homogeneous service on a national scale.


We are engaged in management services for the separate collection of hazardous and nonhazardous special waste and the sale of recovered materials, especially paper and cardboard. The consortium offers all its members the opportunity to create collective purchasing groups for everyday products and services in order to obtain economic and logistical benefits.


The widespread presence, in the territory, of companies operating in the waste paper sector has in the past been a considerable strength, but the new models of organization of the sector, the processes of globalization of the market and the tumultuous development of environmental regulations risk, today, to make a limitation what in the past was a valuable peculiarity.
Thanks to our organization we are able to provide our services throughout the country, generating significant numbers in the market for pulp destined for recycling and export, while at the same time offering our members all the necessary support for effective management of all contractual activities.


Join our network of certified companies and enjoy the benefits offered by our organization.



All of our consortium companies hold Quality certifications according to UNI EN ISO standards.
CONAPI operates as an exporter of waste paper in the Far East with a network of agents present in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
CONAPI has obtained the AQSIQ license issued by the People's Republic of China for the import of waste paper and plastics. An important recognition to consolidate exports to Asian markets.